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LETS (Local Exchange Trading Scheme) enables people to trade services without exchanging money. People join a non-profit making club to exchange services, using their own local “currency” and accounting system. A directory of goods and skills is made available to all members— Offers can range from darning to computer skills, babysitting to counselling. Members trade with each other whenever they wish, and record their transactions on the BrumLETS website.

Local Currency

There are many LETS schemes throughout the country, and each has its own local currency. In Birmingham, our currency units are called Hearts (as Birmingham is the "Heart of England"). When you come to advertise your services, we recommend a typical rate of 6 Hearts per hour, but you are free to set your own rate.

It is worth remembering that, unlike the mainstream economy, LETS encourages people to place equal value on all services, from accounting to cleaning.

There is no penalty for having a "minus balance" on your LETS account (unlike mainstream banking, where people are charged fees and interest for going overdrawn).

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